• Currently Closed At Physical Location, But Always Open Online • 

Brighter Days Are Ahead!

A lot has changed over the last few days. But we believe brighter days are ahead for everyone. Currently our brick and mortar store is closed. We have stopped curb side pick-ups and direct home deliveries. We are attempting to quickly fulfill online orders and ship while staying within the guidelines of a county-wide stay at home order. Please be assured that if you purchase at allison-glen.com we will make every effort to ship quickly while following all of the current requirements. We appreciate your support in this very tough time, and look forward to welcoming you back to our store in-person very soon.


It is spring @ allison glen! No matter what the weather outside, it's sunny and bring in our shop. We have gifts and decorations for every style. Freshen up you home for the change of seasons. Plus we have Easter Decor. And our selection of spring clothing, jewelry and bags is the best in town .