STEP 1- Create a Base

It’s really easy, start with a base of some simple airy greenery. Here we are using some bupleurum that we picked up in a bouquet of greens at Trader Joe’s. But you could get adventurous and use herbs or other greenery you might have growing around the house. 


Hint- As you put your glower in keep turning the vase to make sure it looks good from all sides. 



STEP 2 - Select A Focal Point Flower

Here we are using a fantastic orange rose as our focal point flower. Make sure to cut all your elements short when working with a bud vase. You want a tight, compact display.


STEP 3 - Fill In

Once you have your green layer and focal flower in place, start filling in with smaller flowers and other textures. Here we are using coleus and rose hips as an interesting texture and color. 

Hint - Your longest stem should not be more than 1-1/2 times the height of the vase.



STEP 4 - Sit Back And Admire!