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Nest 9 Plus Opal Bowls


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  • Nest™ is the ultimate collection of practical, space-saving kitchenware that allows the individual elements within each set to be stacked and snapped securely together.
    Nest™ 9 Plus includes:

    5 x measuring cups- measuring from 1 teaspoon (5 ml) up to 1 cup (250 ml)
    1 x small non-slip mixing bowl with measurements
    1 x stainless steel mesh sieve
    1 x colander/strainer
    1 x large non-slip mixing bowl
    Each individual item is highly practical in its own right and boasts plenty of useful features. Both mixing bowls have non-slip bases and wide carry handles, while the small mixing bowl includes measurements inside for added convenience (ml/fl.oz) and a spout for accurate pouring. A stainless steel mesh sieve and a large colander complete the collection.

    This handy set is not only practical, it looks great too with each item in a different vibrant colour, making a rainbow in your cupboard when stacked together.
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